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Solo Viola

Savikangas, Max:

Extraterrestrial for viola solo
Kaliki for violoncello solo
Kuolema työssään (Death at Work) for viola solo
Autuaan laulu (Song of the Blissful) for viola solo

Chamber Music: 2 & 3 Players including Viola

Gothóni, Ralf:

Trio ”Peregrina” clarinet, viola, piano
Sonata ”Peregrina” viola, piano

Chamber Music: 4–6 Players including Viola

Fagerudd, Markus:

Arco Naturale 2 violins, viola, violoncello / string orchestra
Wilma Suite accordion, 2 violins, viola, violoncello, contrabass

Gothóni, Ralf:

Forbidden Scherzo 2 violins, viola, violoncello

Koskelin, Olli:

Goings clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello, piano

Leppälä, Kimmo:

Oboe Quartet 1 oboe, bass clarinet, violin, viola

Paakkunainen, Seppo (Paroni):

Fraghal kantele, 2 violins, viola, violoncello

Pohjola, Seppo:

String Quartet III 2 violins, viola, violoncello

Räihälä, Osmo Tapio:

String Quartet 2 ”Jobimaõ” 2 violins, viola, violoncello
De-Cadenza accordion, 2 violins, viola, violoncello

Savikangas, Max:

Maito (Milk) reciter, 2 violins, viola, violoncello

Toivio, Lauri:

Next Deposit flute, 2 violins, viola, violoncello

Trillo-Figueroa, Mikael Lilljegren:

Wrapped in Mystery 2 violins, viola, violoncello

Vainio, Jennah:

Eldsjälen flute, violin, viola, violoncello

Wennäkoski, Lotta:

Veno alto flute+flute, tenor saxophone / bass clarinet, percussion, guitar, viola

For larger ensembles including viola, please check

Conducted Chamber Music

Viola and Orchestra

Gothóni, Ralf:

Chamber Music for Viola and Ensemble ”Peregrina”

viola solo, chamber ensemble / orchestra



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